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  • Designed by our team of in-house specialists, the fourth generation VBM is a triumph in every way.
  • By a Butterfly Plan, commonly used by Victorian architects, the console and instrument panels are constructed at a 135 degree angle to one another.
  • The ergonomic design effortlessly integrates a traditional writing surface with state of the art devices to give customers ample space in which to conduct their transaction.
  • Crafted using the latest industrial tools and construction materials, the VBM is elegant yet robust enough to cater for practicality and customer privacy.
  • A robust chassis housing the largest touch screen in a system of its class stands out to approaching customers.
Shape & Design Unique/robust design allows for flexibility/scalability in component choice. Designed from ground up to replicate the traditional branch 
Standing/Seated Available in both configurations
Instant Issuing Space to install Bank’s integrated Instant issuing solution
Card Dispensing Available for any type of cards (Pre-personalized)
Scanner Handles different document size, duplex scanning, auto-feeder and document trap
Multi-tray Laser Printer Ability to print different forms, advises, contracts, pre-printed forms and receipts – Retract
Drop Box Secure document drop box enclosed within the system
Biometrics Palm/Thumb/Vein reader for added security
Motion Sensors Detecting customer presence
Document Stamp Stamp of statements and certificates
Document Retractor To secure documents if not collected by customers
Remote Mgmt. / Queue Mgmt. Ability to monitor and control different components remotely
Cheque Book Printing (O) Ability to print and dispense cheque books and leaves
Screen 40" screen allows comfortable viewing and intuitive interaction
Branding (O) Customized as per customer’s requirements
Enclosure (O) Built around the unit with sliding door, access control, UPS and AC
Barcode Reader (O) Bill payment processing
Flexibility Flexibility in redesigning the machine to include special devices as requested by customers

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